Ms Nowmiya panneerselvam

Guru Ms. Nowmiya panneerselvam belonging to the family of music, started her dance carrier at the age of 3 under Guru.Jacqueline Mary and later had her tutelage from Guru. Smt.Samyuktha Varadharajan. She completed DCE., B.E., MFA and She began her teaching carrier in the year 2006 with various institutions. Warm and affable Nowmiya teaches her students tirelessly, inspiring them to strive for perfection in every moment. She has received several accolades like Best Bharathanatyam teacher award and few tittles like Aadal Arasi, Natiya Aacharya, Natya Tharagai, Bharatha Sri, Bharatha Kala, Abhinaya Saraswathi, Natya Maguda Mangai, Pradama Nandi. She has been Honored by Indian Congress Leader late Mr.G.K.Mupannar, Famous dancer Dr. Padma Subramaniam, Ex. Pondicherry Governer Ms. Kiran Bedi IPS, and many more famous personalities. She has taken up teaching this divine art not as a profession but as a service to the society


Mrs. V.Thulaci

Mahila Kalashetra school of dance and music is a divine Offering to the world of arts. Founder and Director of this institution Mrs. V.Thulaci was born in an musical heredity of vidwans specialized in Mirudhangam, Ganjeera, Violin and vocal. She completed,B.Ed.,DSMS.,MBA and Being an academic teacher, her interest on fine arts has expanded the institution by leaps and bounds within a short span by gaining good reputation as one of the premier institute to learn divine art forms like Bharathanatyam, Veena, Vocal, Piano, etc. Students are being offered with various programme opportunities almost to all big stages, famous and ancient temples. Our institution holds 3 Guinness world records, 4 Indian book of records, 4 Asian Book of records and 2 Limca book of records. Noble Golden Crown Award for best Institution 2021 from Noble World Records Our tutors are very kind and considerate, We are a true source of inspiration and encouragement to all our students


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